San Diego Raw Sewage Clean Up

San Diego raw sewage clean upRaw sewage from backed-up toilets and broken sewage lines can be hazardous to your health and San Diego Floor Restoration is here to help. In addition to flood restoration and mold removal services, we offer extensive San Diego raw sewage clean up for residential and commercial establishments. Cleaning raw sewage is risky business: the waste fluid contain an abundance of germs, bacteria and microbes. Some of these microorganisms are virulent or parasitic and can cause severe illnesses. Raw sewage is so damaging that it is referred to as black water or “Category 3 Loss”. If you find yourself exposed to raw sewage, call an IICRC Certified clean up crew as quickly as possible.

Raw Sewage: What to Do

San Diego raw sewage clean upSewage waste water is teeming with germs which are hazadous to your health. Clean up should be left to professionals who have industry standard equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE). If you have raw sewage in or around your home, you should:

  • Call an IICRC Certified clean up crew as soon as possible.
  • Cordon off the contaminated area. Prevent other people and pets from entering the affected area so that you do not spread the waste water.
  • Give the clean up crew space and time to do their work by finding another place to stay or live until the sewage is removed.
  • Once the disaster is under control, identify items that have absorbed waste water. These need to be discarded in an environmentally friendly manner. It is inadvisable to clean these items and it is probably not possible to restore them to their original condition. Absorptive materials include:
    – Carpet
    – Carpet pad
    – Upholstery
    – Bedding
    – Wicker
    – Paper

24 Hour Emergency Service

Please call us for San Diego raw sewage clean up: (619) 265-7337. San Diego Flood Restoration is available for emergency services and is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.