San Diego Fire Damage Restoration Service

Fire smoke and soot restoration services include structural restoration of your home and drying services in the case of flooding through extinguishing efforts. Advanced techniques for odor removal include: Ozone Treatment, Thermal Fogging, Encapsulation, H.E.P.A Air Filtration, and more. Call SDFR – San Diego Flood Restoration to discuss your particular needs. We are a top San Diego Fire Damage Restoration Service.

Structural Damage

San Diego Fire Damage Restoration ServiceFire damage to your home can be catastrophically devastating. Our number one priority on any fire loss is to listen in detail to the concerns and needs of our clients. It is only through this strict attention to detail and communication that a plan can be laid for all restoration efforts.

Personal Effects

San Diego Fire Damage Restoration ServiceAfter every fire loss the number one concern among our clients is irreplaceable personal affects. Pictures, prized heirlooms, and an array of memorabilia top the list. Document and Data Recovery are also major concerns. SDFR – San Diego Flood Restoration pays strict attention to its customers and starts all restoration efforts with a Scope of Work & Written Proposal. This proposal is comprehensive and will lay out in clear detail all steps that are to be followed.

Some restoration protocols are so complex and diverse that special fields are called in to handle items such as computers, electronics, weapons, paintings, photos, and fine jewelry.

Smoke Damage

San Diego Fire Damage Restoration ServiceSmoke Odor is removed from your home using extensive cleaning methods: Indoor Air Manipulation and Control, Media Blasting, High Efficient Particulate Aeration (HEPA), as well as Ozone Treatment are all used. Other tools used may include Thermal-Fogging and/or Encapsulation of structural materials. The type of equipment and techniques used will vary from one case to another. For more information, we invite you to call on us to discuss in detail this complex restoration process.