San Diego Emergency Storm Damage Cleanup

San Diego Emergency Storm Damage CleanupDid you suffer the wrath of Mother Nature? Although huge storms are relatively rare in sunny San Diego, it’s not unheard of. A sudden burst of rain fall can cause local flooding. Soil erosion caused by excessive rainfall can cause trees to topple. If you happen to be in the flood zone, or if a tree fell on your house, then you will need our San Diego Emergency Storm Damage Cleanup Services.

San Diego Flood Restoration can board up broken windows to prevent further damage by wind and rain. Until you can get the broken windows fixed, temporary board ups will also keep your home secure from vandals and looting. After the flood waters have receded, we can begin restoring your home back to its original, pre-storm condition. Procedures we take include:

  • Pumping out flood water
  • Extracting water from carpets, rugs, and pads
  • Cleaning up toilet back-flow
  • Complete attic to floor structural drying
  • Drywall restoration
  • Hardwood Flood renovation
  • Mold detection and remediation
  • Odor removal
  • Personal property recovery and more

During this time, it is best for you to find another place to stay for a few days. At least have your children and pets placed in a friend or family’s home so that they can be safe from the contaminants in the flood water. If there is toilet back flow, or if a sewage line is damaged, the flood waters can be quite dangerous because it will be teeming with bacteria and pathogens.

If your home is damaged from a storm contact us and our IICRC Certified Technicians will do everything they can to provide you with prompt and thorough San Diego emergency storm damage cleanup services.  Please note: the sooner you call us, the better because the more time water is allowed to penetrate your home, the more damage you will incur.