Controlling San Diego Emergency Sewage Back Up

San Diego Emergency Sewage Back UpIf you experience a San Diego emergency sewage back up situation, then call us for raw sewage control and clean up services. When toilets back-up or when sewage lines break, the conditions become hazardous for you & your family and they may be in danger.  Sewage and waste water contains germs, bacteria, and microbes; these microorganisms can make you sick.  Raw sewage is so bad for you that industry experts refer to it as black water or “Category 3 Loss”.  Don’t exposed yourself to raw sewage, call San Diego Floor Restoration.  Our IICRC Certified clean-up crew can help you control the situation.  We offer comprehensive sewage control and clean-up services.

What to Do When you Have Raw Sewage

San Diego Emergency Sewage Back UpRaw sewage back-up is one of the worst situation a homeowner can experience because waste water is full of harmful germs. Controlling the situation and subsequent clean-up should done by professionals who have the appropriate protective gear and industry-standard equipment to do the job safely and effectively. If you have raw sewage in or around your home, you should:

  • Call an IICRC Certified clean up crew as soon as possible.
  • Prevent people / pets from entering by cordoning-off the contaminated areas.
  • Evacuate the area so the clean-up crew can do their work.
  • Find another place to stay or live until the area is completely cleaned.
  • Once the situation is under control and the area is cleaned, begin to identify and discarded contaminated items. Some items cannot be fully cleaned and disinfected and they are ruined forever.  These items tend to be made of absorptive material such as:
    – Carpet
    – Carpet pad
    – Upholstery
    – Bedding
    – Wicker
    – Paper

24 Hour Emergency Service

Please contact us for San Diego raw sewage clean up: (619) 265-7337. San Diego Flood Restoration is available for emergency services and is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.