San Diego Emergency Personal Property Cleaning and Restoration

San Diego Emergency Personal Property cleaning and RestorationAfter a fire or flood situation, your home will suffer some damages.  But in addition to structural damages to the building itself, many people find that they need help recovering personal effects.  Fire, smoke and water can damage books, documents, photos, portraits, electronic devices, and more.  San Diego Flood Restoration has the skills and tools to recover and restore some of your personal property.  Call us for San Diego emergency personal property cleaning and restoration services.

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Depending on the damage on the house itself, it may be better to move your personal effects out of the damaged property before recover & restoration begins.  If this is the case, San Diego Flood Restoration will pack your items carefully, make an inventory list, move your belongings to a secure site, and store it there for processing.  If appropriate, we will use photography and an ID system to categorize and document your personal belongings.

Recover and Restoration

San Diego Flood Restoration have the tools and techniques to recover and restore: heirlooms, artwork, media, photographs, paperwork, books, furniture, business documents, clothing, electronics, rugs, and much more.  The methodology used for restoration will depend on the material from which your belongs are made of, their durability, and their response to treatment.  Some items can be restored by spray and wipe cleaning while other items may need ultrasonic or ozone treatment.

Most paperwork and books can be recovered by air drying.  Although this may seem trivial, it is important to air dry documents as fast as possible. Fungal growth will start after 2 or 3 days of becoming soaked.  After 5 days, the chemical structure of the paper itself will begin to disintegrate.

Electronic devices and data are also very important.  We use every strategy in the book to salvage your devices and recover your information.

If there are items which require specific consideration which we are not equipped to do, we will recommend a specialist. Please contact us for details.

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After the property is cleaned and repaired and your personal effects restored, we will return your items back to your home.  Although no one wants water, flood, fire, or smoke damage, we can help you recover from your situation.