Recent Projects

Laminate Floor Buckling: A hot water slab leak caused this laminate floor to buckle. SDFR has begun removal of the wet and damaged flooring and drywall.

Wet Drywall: An AC unit malfunctioned causing wet drywall and framing in a UTC area Condo.

Bath cab drawer: A burst toilet line above a first-floor bathroom flooded a bathroom and ruining the vanity.

“Dehue crawlspace”: A La Mesa home had an 80-year-old waste line system that finally failed.  This flooded the crawlspace with Category 3, sewage water, and effluent.  We set up air filtration and pumped out the standing water.  Next, we began comprehensive and redundant sanitation of all solid surfaces.

Flood hair salon:  A commercial location suffered a complete flood when the adjoining business had a commercial dishwasher malfunction.  The water migrated through the walls into the hair salon; shown here.  The hardwood floors were damaged beyond repair.

Flooded nice home:  A home in Coronado had a refrigerator line failure that caused water damage to the entire first floor.  The home that was vacant meant no one found the damage for a week.  This caused the wood floor to become swollen and needed to be removed.  We began with turning off the electrical power to the home then extracted the standing water.