In the industry of Mold Remediation, it is well accepted that if one’s home has no abnormally high levels of moisture (water intrusion) then one generally has a low likelihood of having mold growth. Below are some tips on how to keep your home as healthy as possible and which characteristics to look for that may lead to water damage and mold growth. Be cautious if your home has any of the following characteristics.

  1. Home is built “Below Grade” or if yards slope towards home rather than away.
  2. Lush Tropical vegetation is growing up against homes’ exterior wall.
  3. Home has no rain gutters or has gutters but no drainage from gutter to street
  4. Home has decorative or structural wood trim.
  5. Home is a “Track-Home” and was built in a “Boom Era”
  6. Home was a “Flip House”
  7. Home is built on a steep hill side or is in some way “Architecturally Dynamic”
  8. Home has a flat or low sloped roof.

Follow these simple tips to reduce the chance of having a sudden water loss in your home:

  1. Reduce water pressure to home by 10%-15%, and never have pressure greater than 75psi
  2. Have a qualified Plumber inspect and or replace all inside valves and lines.
  3. Use Stainless Steel hoses whenever possible.
  4. Install Alarm system on floor next to large appliances such as water heaters and washing machines.
  5. Install Pressure Sensor Valves on washing machine. These can be bought at your local hardware store.

Unfortunately, many clients do not even know they have a problem until the damage is done and expensive remediation procedures have to take place. If you have any questions, please call San Diego Flood Restoration for a free telephone consultation regarding mold or water damage.